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What is the Lubricant-Free Vagina?

Lubricant-free vagina, also called a water-lubrication vagina, is a new option for sex dolls. It provides a simple way to use the doll when you have no lubricant around. Just pour the water into the vagina and you can enjoy the lubricating effect. Isn’t that amazing?

Now, let’s learn more about the truth of this new option.

How to use it

Same as using lubricant. You just need water instead of lubricant.

How does it work?

The lubrication will get better and better as you move. It is a water-based lubricant and easy to clean.

How does Lubricant-Free Vagina do that?

When the doll is made, the condensed lubricant has been mixed into the vaginal material. After the water is poured into the vagina, the condensed lubricant will deliquescence, and then water-based lubricant will be produced in the vagina.

How many times can I use it?

The condensed lubricant will decrease after dissolution. The times you can depend on how much water you pour in and how long you use each time. Generally, it can be used more than 20 times.
Lubricant-Free Vagina

Currently, the lubricant-free vagina option is only available for WMDOLLYLSEDOLL, ORXY, and Bezlya.

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