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   If you have decided to get yourself a sex doll – but you cannot decide which material works better for you: TPE vs. Silicone Sex Dolls! Let’s start by reviewing the material that real sex dolls are made from, which is generally either TPE or silicone. The technology is creating miraculously realistic products, which we can enjoy today! 


    First of all, let’s talk about what TPE is made from and its performance when it comes to sex dolls. TPE (or Thermoplastic Elastomer) is almost brand new, compared to silicone. It is a mixture of rubber and plastic. TPE can be stretched repeatedly, and it will return to its original length right away. It is much softer than other materials, and it can hold multiple positions because of flexibility.

    Another advantage of TPE sex dolls is that they are cheaper than silicone dolls even though the material is more realistic. TPE materials can be recyclable. It is also very hypoallergenic, and it will not cause any allergic reactions.


    Obviously, it will depend upon the shape and size, but for a general feeling of the “sex doll boob” we can look at something with a similar shape and size that we all have experience touching. Why, yes, we are talking about the many bouncy, and rubbery toys often found in the mall and you can already imagine how bouncy and real every curve of your next sex doll will feel.


    If you get a stain on your doll – it is very hard to clean. The material is very porous, and you should clean up the vaginal and anal cavities as much as you can. If you do not do a good clean-up – beware, you may see some mold!

    TPE could be sticky to the touch, but this problem can be easily solved with some baby powder. It is also barely resistant to heat, so taking a bath with your doll may be a problem!


    The silicone material is much easier to clean since it is not as sticky as Thermoplastic Elastomer. It is more expensive, but also more resistant to heat, stains, and water. It does not require much maintenance compared to other sex dolls materials. And just like TPE, silicone is also hypoallergenic.

   Cleaning it would not be a problem since it is very easy to sterilize. We would still not recommend the use of alcohol for sterilization, but rather softer cleaning tools.

   Feel is something that will also be very interesting because everyone wants a very realistic feeling. Both materials are soft and generally provide a similar level of realism. If we are talking about cavities, such as the vagina, mouth, and other things, silicone dolls give you a much more realistic feeling. As far as the exterior is concerned, more precisely, the body parts like breasts are very similar. We can say that silicone is a slightly better option here as well, but generally speaking there is no big difference.


    When you touch a silicone doll – it feels like it is a little hard, way harder than TPE material. The butt and breasts will not wobble when you rock them back in fourth.

    For some, a big disadvantage would be the price of a silicone doll – it is way more expensive, than TPE.


   Actually, the answer depends on what you need, if you want a delicately anime sex doll, silicone dolls are the best choice. If you want a life-size doll with a soft breast that can be insert in, TPE will give you a great feeling.

    When you understand what you are looking for – do not hesitate to ask the suppliers remaining questions. They will be more than happy to help you with your choice of a sex doll!

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