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Not long ago, Starpery Doll upgraded their dolls’ skeleton. This new gear Skeleton is designed to increase joint flexibility, durability, and more freedom of posture.

Old Version

Upgraded Version

Advantages of Upgraded Gear Skeleton:

1. More flexible posture. All the main joints are made of flexible gears, allowing the doll to assume more flexible poses and less stiffness.
2. More durable. Unlike the old version, the new skeleton is more durable and doesn’t loosen joints after long use.
3. No more weird squeaks. The old skeleton can make some strange noises because it’s so tight. This upgraded gear skeleton will finish the pose more smoothly and quietly.

Starpery Doll has been innovating and improving. Notably, they will also make further modifications to the shoulder area of the new skeleton to prevent the arm from tearing under overextension.

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